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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
1:25 am - It's been a freaking long time, and I don't have (much of) anything to say, but...
I was thinking about the ole LJ today and thought I'd just say 'hey'.

so, Hey.

Other than that, life is excellent, but none too exciting. Except for having pink eye (ew, i know.) , a raging cold and flu issue.
And, hmmm....yeah, I clearly didn't plan this entry very well...will do better next time. tomorrow? possibly.

current mood: nostalgic


Friday, July 18th, 2003
1:41 am - these opinions will change in the morning
this might be really old, but my internet connection was non-existent due to mother nature, that bitch. anyway:

music keeps me snappin" my fingersCollapse )

current mood: contemplative


Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
12:57 am - You were almost kind
tonight i went to a guster concert, it was so completely fabulous. I absolutely love their music. Their drummer is amazing, and I'm going to just go on and pretend he's my boyfriend.
Matt Nathanson and Ari Hest. Matt Nathanson is also invited to be my new boyfriend. He's fucking hilarious. I thought Ari Hest was local to the southwest Ohio region, because he played at my school twice last semester, and neither time was it a very big show. But apparently he isn't, as he is now touring with Guster, and his website bio says he's from Georgia, or some place.
Anyway, greatgreatgreat show. I heart Guster.

current mood: happy

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
9:59 am
this thing is awesome...Collapse )

current mood: geeky


Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
1:16 am
haven't updated in a while.
because i'm always working. always=around 45 hours per week but probably more this coming week.
but work is good, i'm completely smitten with one of the bartenders, so i pass time by bantering with him. and that is good.
when not at work, i'm almost always either sleeping or (less often) drinking.

life is good. (except my cd burner seems to be broken at the moment...that is not so good).


current mood: content

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
11:59 pm
- newest excellent band discovery: Jets to Brazil. they rock completely. "One Summer Last Fall" = great title=great song; "Empty Picture Frame", too.

- s4 SatC dvds came today! plan for the rest of the week (when not working): watch the whole season. whoo!

- work is good, and that's good, too, because it's all i do. in the 80 hours from friday night to monday night, i worked 44 hours. and made great money, yay! money. law school, here we come.

current mood: content

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
5:54 pm - random there any other kind?
you'd think, what with it being June and you know, *Summer Vacation*, the weather could at least act like Spring. As the man standing outside the post office today put it, "Nice weather we're having...can't believe it's already February." Gah. Is a little Fun in the Sun too much to ask?

(in happier news: got first pay check today. whoo whoo)

and! also happier news...i've decided it's time to make the Obscure Summer Music Mix CD version 2.0, make it a tradition, with extra Bens. mmm, cd making.

current mood: cold


Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
1:16 am - "February" by Dar Williams...i love music. maybe i'll turn this lj into a music journal...
Posting again, because I'm listening to this song, and I'd forgotten how much I completely love it. How, to me, this song is as close to perfect as I can think of any song as being.
And these are possibly my favorite lyrics of all time:

February was so long that it lasted in to March,
and found us walking a path, alone together.
You stopped and pointed and you said, 'that's a crocus.'
And I said, 'what's a crocus?'
And you said it's a flower.
I tried to remember, but I said, 'what's a flower?'
and you said, 'I still love you.'

I just can never get over those lines. beautiful.

current mood: touched

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1:06 am - quiet
Am so, so, happy because for the first time in like 11 days, I have a peaceful night, that doesn't involve studying menus or working until 2 am or (not that this is a bad thing) getting sloshed.

I worked post-training for the first time today, and am a little disturbed by how much i love waitressing. Not that I didn't absolutely love,love,love the intern-thing last summer, but this is exactly what I needed this summer. Money, menial labor, and days for sun.

So, yes, today I took my final exam (best score my trainer had ever seen anyone get, thank you), came home, did some work on the almost-open-swimming-pool-of-joy in the backyard, fell asleep outside for an hour, ran some errands in town, then went to work. It was a slow night, so I was off by 9, so I had dinner with Dre, came home and helped the brother with his history project, and now I have 3 of my favorite hours (11-2) to sit around and relax and just be.

Mmm, I like to just be.

current mood: peaceful


Monday, May 26th, 2003
3:54 pm
update on the life of lydia: workworkworkworkwork. so, i've been working. at Friday's. which is strange, because it's been a while since i've had a job. well, really only 9 months, but it seems like longer. so that's basically it. saturday i had a day off, so i used it to take advantage of the newly memorized by me Friday's drink menu. i needed that. last night i ran an entire six table section all by myself.

yep. my life is so interesting.

but there is this film meme (from a few days ago)Collapse )

current mood: calm


Sunday, May 18th, 2003
9:37 pm - i haven't LJ'd in a long, long time (it seems to me)
started my job yesterday. I'm going to be a waitress at TGI Friday's. whoo whoo.

tonight i have to memorize appetizers, soups, salads, and combos. big test tomorrow.

i'm disappointed because i have to take out the nose-piercing for work, and i haven't had the thing a whole year yet (almost, but not quite), and i'm nervous. and it's not a sanitation thing for them, it's an aesthetic thing. hiss. oh well, hopefully will work out.

still trying to organize the bedroom. painting gets pushed back and back, but now i am determined. oh yes.

and that's my life these days.

current mood: content


Sunday, May 11th, 2003
2:42 am - audio heaven
i met Ben Lee!

sorry, just wanted to get the most important thing out there first. but yes, again, I met Ben Lee. And he is adorable and charming and humble and hilarious! And, ohh. I'm in love.

The whole weekend was fantastic. Friday night: moe, digby (whom i hadn't heard before and now love), edwin mccain, and ween. I discovered I don't care much for edwin mccain, and that i love moe and ween, but would rather listen to than see.

now, Saturday: Ben Lee, johnny socko, gomez, Ben Folds.
During Ben Lee's set, he created a band name for a group of guys in the audience that he thought looked like a good band (the Screaming Turtles: a cross between Britney Spears and the Strokes), made a couple of kids on a date come up and slow dance during a song he likes to call "his prom song", pointed at *me* and asked for a request, and sang a song about jessica simpson. and was fabulous.
Johnny Socko gave a great, great, hilarious (in the middle of their song about old school video games, the trumpet and sax broke in to the theme from Mario Bros. 1). Gomez rules, i didn't know that much of their stuff before tonight. Ben Folds is completely fabulous, obviously. He didn't play brick, carrying cathy, still fighting it, or the luckiest...but i think his demanding the audience to provide backup vocals and a disturbingly good impression of elton john on piano make up for those oversights.
mmmmm, am music struck. such the best live music experience ever.

and hooray, ben lee told me he thinks his tour is hitting us in july! (hoping by 'his tour' he means the Ben tour)
...note to self: must go to indie music store, asap

current mood: ecstatic

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Sunday, May 4th, 2003
2:13 am - this thing took me literally two days
"friday" five:
one song that you hate to admit you like:

Oh, there are *so* many. Like, say, the entire hip-hop genre.

1. "Pictures" (sigh) Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock

two songs that always make you cry:

stolen comment from jae: No songs *always* make me cry...
usually, I never cry over a song more than once. but:

1. 'Last Kiss' pearl jam version
2. 'When She Loved Me' - Sarah McLachlan

three songs that turn you on:

1. 'Bubble Toes' Jack Johnson
2. 'Turn Me On' Norah Jones (i guess this one makes sense...)
3. 'Steal My Kisses' Ben Harper

four songs that always make you feel good:

1. "I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono" - Dar Williams
2. "Piano Man" Billy Joel
3. "Two Coins"/"Out Loud" - Dispatch (it would be impossible to say one without the other and be fair)
4. "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker" - O.A.R.

five songs you wouldn't want to do without:
you have to understand, these answers are going to change on a daily basis.

1. "Comfortable" - John Mayer (i wonder how many times i've listed this song in a meme)
2. "Across the Universe" - any version.
3. "American Pie" - Don McLean
4. "She Just Wants to Be" - R.E.M.
5. "Etc., Whatever" - Over the Rhine

** I've decided, based on this meme, that I'm going to start writing down my favorite song every week, so that when I have to say what my favorite song is, I can just do it statistically.

p.s.: tonight, Starbucks was playing Sarah Harmer "the Hideout" I applied for a job

current mood: creative

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Friday, May 2nd, 2003
11:28 pm
home now...running on two hours of sleep, after completing 2 papers, 1 final, and moving the whole life out of the 3rd Story room in 3 1/2 hours. plus the emotional stuff that came with that. course, the exhaustion and emotion might have a symbiotic relationship...hmm.

anyway, point: school's out for summer. ack.

current mood: drained


Monday, April 28th, 2003
1:01 am
so stressed. hate finals. hatehatehate them.

the to-do list:
(in order of deadline)

1. Study for Sociology final
2. Take Computer Science final
3. Study for Public Administration final
4. Non-Dominant Religions term paper...well, the rough draft, at least
5. Interest Group Politics project
6. Study for Non-Dominant Religions final
7. Non-Dominant Religions extra-credit project
8. Try very,very hard no to distroy us.
i had a studying schedule. it's gone to hell.

oh, and i'm off veganism. ate pizza, feel kinda icky now.

current mood: stressed

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Friday, April 25th, 2003
10:31 am - animal house got nothin'
am completely exhausted. went to a party last night, best party ever cause it was all of my good friends at miami together in one supervisorless honors dorm, screaming, running through the halls, drunken madness. it was really one of my best memories of this year, college, a long long time.

which makes me sad that it was "the last hurrah". today is the last day of classes, which yesterday i was excited for and today not so much, because i really do love being at school more than anywhere else.

so yes, we had a collegecocktail party, making strange concoction of vodka, rum, and hard liquor. mmm, pineapple juice with vodka is my new favorite thing. also rum punch, mmm. and then there was the drunk and the silliness in the hallway, until (much) later, there was knocking when we were back in one of the rooms, and it was "no officer, we haven't been drinking."
nicest. cop. ever, staring at the open bottle as he asked if we'd been drinking, then just said to keep the noise down, but "i understand, i understand. you guys are just tryin' to have a good time." wanted to kiss him.

yes, so this is me rambling before my first (last) class of the day.

current mood: happy


Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003
7:19 pm
went to my final creative writing class today, turned in the story. thanks to those of you who gave advice, encouragement, and especially suggestions. yay!

only five more classes to go. (that's three papers, two exams, and a project.) and then i'm done with school for four months!

i've decided i'm going to try to read a lot this summer. yay, reading for pleasure!

current mood: full


Sunday, April 20th, 2003
9:53 pm - without music the world would be...without music
eee! music festival featuring Ben Folds, Ben Lee, Moe, and Jason Mraz! eee! and the big wu, whom i just discovered like 20 minutes ago. mmmm, music festival

also, GIP: i needed a music picture, so yay! now i have one. mmm, john mayer.

current mood: excited


1:23 am - no more poor-lydja posts!
have deleted last entry because:

I Did It!

sat down at 6 this evening with not even one whole scene, but a basic outline written, after a week (or several months) or nearly crippling writer's block, and wrote an entire story by 1 am! 14 pages in 7 hours! man, i'm happy with self.

current mood: accomplished

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
2:13 am - i know not what to say
i keep forgetting to sleep.

and i still can't write, boo.

oh, but first must finish internet religion project. must *start* internet religion project.
finished public administration paper, early, though. and cleaned out a drawer, so yay for those things.

it's possible the veganism is doing funny things to me. possible.

current mood: confused


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